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Jean Sasson In the Press 

In the Press

"Jean Sasson Interview"Gulf News, 2013

"Bin Laden as Patriarch"New York Times, 2011

"Book Review: Growing Up Bin Laden"Washington Post, 2009 

"My Father, The Terrorist", Vanity Fair, 2009

"Mayada, Daughter of Iraq"Publisher's Weekly, 2003

"Princess Sultana's Circle", Publisher's Weekly, 2000

"Princess Sultana's Daughters"Publisher's Weekly, 1994

"Ester's Child"Booklist, 2001 :

"The destinies of three disparate families are bound together through time and across continents by the tragic disappearance of two children. After a sadistic Gestapo officer seizes the beloved baby daughter of Joseph and Ester Gale, the devastated young couple vows to survive the Warsaw ghetto and the ensuing horrors of the Holocaust to discover the fate of little Miryam. Settling in Israel after the war, the Gales face further heartbreak when their infant son is kidnapped. Seething with resentment against the Jewish interlopers who forced his family from its native Palestine in 1948, the generally scholarly and gentle George Antoun commits a horrific crime in order to offer some solace to his barren and bereft wife. Attempting to make amends for her father’s past as an SS officer, a young German nurse volunteers to work in a refugee camp in Lebanon. When the paths of Christine Kleist and Demetrius Antoun intersect with those of Michel and Jordan Gale, the four surviving members of the next generation painfully unravel the mysteries of the past. Penned with compassion and set amid the war-torn backdrop of Europe and the unfolding military and political drama of the postwar Middle East, this absolutely riveting cross-cultural saga will have readers eagerly turning the pages in order to reach a suitably stunning conclusion."

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